Electrical and electronic fields

    Huazhong has decades of experience related to the brazing, we provide customers with high performance for brazing the electrical and electronic industries and soldering solutions. With our manufacturing components can provide a stable current and energy. For modern convenience products, such as motors, semiconductor and communications products require the use Luke Si brazing material. Huazhong at providing appropriate solutions for the customer's needs and soldering problems and then optimize your brazing process and improve the performance of the equipment.

    Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    Vacuum circuit breakers like a large ceramic bottle and have many needs including brazed joints, panels, and events in its internal fixed contact and bellows. They range in size from the outer diameter of 2 inches (50.8mm) to 7 inches (177.8mm) varies, for each different specific power level with a current. They are usually fitted together to interrupt the current area or other high-voltage current transformer on.