Aviation sector

    In the ever-changing, highly competitive market, vendors at a fair market price for aviation, the company offers cutting edge / cutting edge technology is essential. Due to the high expectations so that there are considerable problems in the industry, leading to dwindling resources to provide solutions. As a result, automation and aerospace manufacturing companies are looking for partners to provide products and services to improve their efficiency. Huazhong has decades of experience in the brazing and constantly innovation of our products and services.

    Condenser used in the automotive field, and a heat exchanger for cooling the compressed refrigerant gas comes into a liquid, the pressure of the refrigerant compressor rises and moves to the side, a fan for the excretion of the outside air by heat exchange allows the refrigerant to cool the interior. In a typical aluminum automotive air conditioning system, Huazhong provide aluminum cored solder to ensure a reliable, air-tight brazed joints.