Automotive sector

    China has for decades provided the public history of collaboration solutions for the automotive industry of the metal connectors. As a global leader in the production of brazing material, we focused on the world's automotive air conditioning evaporator, condenser, compressor, control valve, refrigerator and ice maker provides a comprehensive program of brazing techniques. Here we soldering problems in the automotive industry solutions.

    Compressor refrigeration system is a very important part, it is the mechanical energy to compress or squeeze gaseous refrigerant. Joint for airtight closed cycle refrigeration system is crucial. Huazhong brazing material provided for the manufacture of such well need a good air-tightness joint. Brazing member including: a tubular additional muffler (steel) and vibration ring (stainless steel) brazing, and shake the ring and the housing discharge pipe joints. A key step is to keep the activity and internal flux tube brazing.