Amorphous brazing copper


    HZ-BCu-1 Copper filler metal foils are very low melting brazing alloys. They are mainly used for a flux free brazing of copper and its alloys. These filler metals with Cadmium or Lead free. Major applications for these brazing alloys are joining of Copper/Brass heat exchangers for automotive and industrial applications.


    Applications for Brazing copper and copper alloy, copper and silver, other metal in the methods of resistance welding.Instead of silver brazing sheets, amorphous copper base welding sheets are friendly to environment and widely used in brazing exactitude apparatus, circuit and component, contact materials,heat exchangers and other copper and copper alloys. The tensile strength of joint could reach 98 to 137 MPa.

    Customer’s required chemical composition can be customized.

    Cu% P Sn Ni Other%
    HZ-BCu-1 560-640 700-750 Bal 7.5 4.5 9.5 <0.5
    HZ-BNi-3 982-1038 1010 92.4 Si4.5 B3.1

    • Available Forms
    • Application
    Product Code rods coil/spool rings/preforms powder/paste strip

    HZ-Ni7 are common and widely used nickel brazing material,they can be made in wire and amorphous material.They are with low melting point and good flow property.