Copper brazing flux


    QJ301 and QJ302 Used with copper based brazing alloys HZ-221, HZ-226 and HZ-105. Its residues are not hygroscopic and corrosive.Flame Flux is flux in liquid form. Evaporates with acetylene or any other gas and cleans brazing area. Suitable for high joining speeds. No extra cleaning process is required. Has no residues. Application temperature is 750-1100°C.

    Product Code Standards Form Chemical
    Application Packages
    DIN 8511 EN 1045 AWS A5.31
    QJ301 F-SH2 FH21 FB3-K powder Complex Boron 
    Brazing copper and 
    copper alloys, 
    steel and alloys.
     117 gr• 227 
    gr• 500 gr
    QJ302 F-SH2 FH21 FB3-K paste  250 gr• 500 
    gr• 1000 gr
    Flame Flux F-SH2 FH21 FB3-K liquid Methyl Borates  


    • Available Forms
    Product Code powder paste liquid
    Flame Flux